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  • Big corporations will say anything and pay millions of dollars to escape accountability – and our referendum process is ripe for abuse. We need to empower California voters and reform California’s broken referendum system by passing #AB421.
  • #CALeg can STOP the corporate domination of our democracy and reform our broken referendum system by passing #AB421. We can’t let special interests buy their way out of efforts to hold them accountable.
  • Corporations are stealing our democracy by spending millions of dollars on their deceitful referendum campaigns. We need #AB421 to return one of California’s most powerful direct democracy tools – the referendum – to the people.
  • It’s up to us to defend the attack on our Democracy from billion-dollar corporations who will stop at nothing in their pursuit of profits. #CALeg must pass #AB421 and STOP these special interests from abusing the referendum process.
  • When wealthy corporations abuse our referendum process, democracy loses. We need #AB421 to empower California voters
  • Corporations think the referendum process is their ticket to overturn laws that protect working people, our environment, and our communities. But we can change that: #AB421 will empower California voters by creating stronger oversight of the initiative process.

For a better visual impact, we have some available here.